Miss VUP

“Welcome! My name is Evelin Stefano and I am the inventor of VUP® and founder of VUP Fashion AG.
I have wanted to be a designer ever since I was a young child. My journey began with basic training in the fashion industry. I have had a special knack for picking out material and colour combinations from the crowd with my X-ray vision for as long as I can remember.
As a qualified colour and fashion style consultant and personal shopper, I refined my talent and developed a keen sense for trends and fashion. I noticed that more and more companies are saying goodbye to ties and introducing an informal dress code. At the same time, business people sometimes feel uncomfortable about this new dress code and are no longer sure whether they are over- or under-dressed.
And this was my inspiration: Ties could be revolutionised and transformed into a multi-functional and machine-washable accessory.

We created our very first piece with my sewing machine and plenty of sample ties. This creative phase was successful and culminated with the first prototype All-In-VUP® as a unisex accessory.  Cool and versatile – but maybe a little difficult to use. The design needed to be simplified in terms of the different ways it could be worn. So I rolled up my sleeves again and became lost in piles of picked-apart ties. Suddenly it hit me. I realised exactly what the new design needed to be: unisex, individual, comfortable and multi-functional. This was when the VUP® was born. It’s amazing that no one has thought of this before!”

Both ends of the design finish in a V, which is how we came up with the name VUP®, which stands for “very unique people”. VUP® is as individual and unique as each person.

Goodbye ties, your time has passed. Hello VUP®, the special neck accessory for everyone, simple, quick and ingenious. Major changes are coming, even bigger things are yet to come. Are you ready? Let’s VUP together!

Evelin Stefano, Miss VUP®
Founder & Creative Director