VUP® World

About VUP.Fashion & VUP®

VUP.Fashion is the new unisex fashion label and represents unique and individual style. VUP® is the new accessory, the new alternative to ties, and always works with every style. Whether for everyday business, leisure activities or a festive occasion.
VUP.Fashion appeals to many people with its contemporary look. Whether young or young at heart, VUP® is the new must-have accessory for everyone.

VUP® and colours

Our new fashion label VUP.Fashion appeals to a wide range of people, including all genders and ages. That is why the VUP colours are based on coral, silvery grey and black.

Coral represents passion, strength, dynamism and femininity and it perfectly reflects the founder. Silvery grey is associated with elegant maturity and coolness, while black represents luxury, depth and masculinity, giving your overall appearance a touch of glamour.

Features of VUP®

Limited editions
Internationally protected brand and design ®
Premium fabrics and the finest workmanship
Easy-care, machine-washable at 30 degrees
Upcycling with Social VUP®, the sustainable one-of-a-kind product

Benefits of VUP®

Unisex, individual and suits everyone
Can be worn and used in different ways
Works with any outfit (colour, style, occasion)
Never be over- or under-dressed again
Comfortable to wear and loose around your neck
Easy and quick to put on