VUP Fashion AG, das multifunktionale Accessoire kann anstelle von Schal, Krawatte, Plastron, Fliege, oder als Einstecktuch getragen werden.Logo.

Fashion has a face. Corporate fashion is a visible expression of the corporate culture

In a world where fashion is increasingly a mass product, customers are looking for personalized garments that reflect their personality. As a manufacturer of a new personalized fashion accessory, we have the opportunity to stand out from the competition in that the personalized accessory is also unisex and very versatile to wear and use. A small part as a visible expression, which also fit the corporate identity of our customers. Many uniforms nowadays resemble each other, as the accessory is often neglected. As a result, the visual recognizability and corporate identity of the company becomes less important. However, with an individual and colorful accessory can quickly bring freshness and color to the dreariness.

Personalized unisex fashion accessory means that we consider our customers individually and offer that certain something that suits their needs and preferences. Here we offer two different models/sizes (My VUP®, Mini VUP®), colors and fabrics to create a unique unisex fashion accessory that is both functional and fashionable.
The benefit for our B2B customers: Better staff recognition; personalized unisex accessories enable the company to stand out. Provide a shopping experience that is different from other suppliers. A personalized fashion solution can be, for example, that the clothes are printed or embroidered with the logo of the company. The choice of materials and colors can also be adapted to the corporate identity of the company. This can ensure that the appearance of employees is in line with the company’s brand and image.

We at VUP Fashion® combine corporate identity and fashion.

Both aspects are an important part of a company’s external image. A strong corporate identity can be supported by appealing and appropriate fashion for employees. Choosing the right accessories for employees puts a significant impact on the appearance of a company. A well-designed and appealing fashion that fits the corporate identity of the company strengthens the visible expression of your corporate culture and you will be perceived professionally and trustworthy.

Let’s work together to give your dress code that extra something to visually set your company apart from the competition. Any Questions?®