The new dress code with an enviable sense of ease

Corporate VUP® – Swiss made and trendsetting


All-in-one for everyone – this is our Corporate VUP®. The fresh unisex neck accessory with a range of uses and wearing options is the new trendsetter in the corporate fashion industry.

YOU stay on trend

The premium, standard corporate fashion look for your company with our unisex VUP® accessories, the perfect finishing touch for your dress code. We give your employees more breathing room with a wider neckline and ensure well-being in the workplace. Choose between

  • our new, exclusive design, matched to your corporate colours, with a VUP® and/or Mini VUP®
  • or upcycle your existing corporate fashion accessories to create a Social VUP®. A new look created from sustainable quality production.

Our new, exclusive VUP® creations for your company are designed on the basis of professional CI colour analysis and advice.

VUP® and colours

Choosing the right colour to suit your own type plays a big role – especially in the case of a neck accessory so close to your face. By choosing the right colours for our clothes, we can emphasise our personality and people’s eyes are automatically drawn to us and our face.

Although many companies create and consistently pursue a CI, our speciality is to focus on the right colours and the right colour undertones. Most of your employees will feel fresh and comfortable with the new accessory, the “icing on the cake” of your company dress code.

We stay sustainable

Our VUP® production plants are located in Europe. This eliminates long transport routes and unnecessary environmental pollution. Our manufacturing take place under perfect working conditions and in compliance with European environmental standards.

We pay the greatest attention to the sustainability and quality of our products. By upcycling existing corporate accessories, we can refresh your company’s image while reducing costs compared to purchasing new complete outfits.

We are the right partner for you

As an innovative Swiss start-up, we will delight your customers and employees with our exclusive, high-quality neck accessory.
Corporate VUP® sets a trend by standardising your company dress code.

VUPing is our passion – personality, fairness, loyalty and loyalty are our values.

Our company philosophy is based on appreciative cooperation at all levels. We put your ideas into action and implement them within budget and under perfect working conditions.

Let’s resew your fashion story together.