VUP® – the new all-in-one accessory

unisex – individual – washable


The Original

I am your new, individual neck accessory made using a combination of premium fabrics and high-quality workmanship. I come in countless design combinations. Wear me your own way to express your individual style. I am easy-care and washable.

Mini VUP®

One for everyone

I always come in a double pack with a VUP® buckle of your choice. I am your multifunctional accessory and the perfect “finishing touch” for your outfit. Use me as a scarf, pocket handkerchief or tie me casually anywhere - be creative! I am easy-care and washable.

Social VUP®

Guaranteed one-of-a-kind

My origin lies in upcycling. I may not always be perfect, but my occasional minor flaws make me unique. I am a guaranteed unique, 100% Swiss-made product - for those who value sustainability and social commitment. I am easy-care and washable.

Personal VUP®

A unique keepsake

I was made from your favourite tie(s). Using a sensitive approach, we personalise these for you or adapt them according to the wearer’s character. I can accompany you everywhere as a My VUP® or Mini VUP®. It’s totally up to you to decide when, where and how you want to use me and wear me. I am easy-care and washable.


Features of VUP®

  • Swiss-made
  • Limited editions
  • Internationally protected brand and design
  • Premium fabrics and the finest workmanship
  • Easy-care, machine-washable at 30 degrees
  • Upcycling with Social VUP®, the sustainable one-of-a-kind product


Benefits of VUP®

  • Unisex, individual and suits everyone
  • Can be worn and used in different ways
  • Works with any outfit (colour, style, occasion)
  • Never be over- or under-dressed again
  • Comfortable to wear and loose around your neck
  • Easy and quick to put on