VUP Fashion AG, das multifunktionale Accessoire kann anstelle von Schal, Krawatte, Plastron, Fliege, oder als Einstecktuch getragen werden.Logo.



All-in-one accessory

Tradition meets innovation

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Excellent jacquard fabric made in Germany
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Glamorous designs in jacquard fabric from Germany
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Made from silk ties, each VUP is unique, 100% Swiss Made
VUP Fashion deluxe


Fine silk and wool fabrics from Italy, also in combination
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Sustainable and high-quality design fabrics in Short runs
VUP Fashion deluxe


Fine silk and wool fabrics from Italy, also in combination
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Sustainable and high-quality design fabrics in Short runs




VUP® is a unisex all-in-one accessory that revolutionizes the tie. It is easy to care for and washable. The internationally protected design can be worn by anyone and goes with any outfit. It can be used instead of scarf, pocket square, bandana, tie, plastron, ascot, twilly, bow tie, belt or as a pocket square. The multifunctional accessory convinces with the high-quality workmanship and quality.

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VUP, der neue Dresscode



Easy to care for and washable
Always suitable for every anal
Never overdressed or underdressed
Many carrying options
Wearing comfort with neck freedom
Simple & worn fast
Mini VUP® diverse, Hals Accessoire, All-in-One Accessoire, Haarband, Twilly, Einstecktuch, VUP Fashion AG

VUP Fashion: new unisex fashion accessories label

Unique and individual style. VUP® is the new accessory, the new mixture of tie & co. and fits always and to every style. Whether for everyday business, leisure or even for a festive occasion. VUP Fashion appeals to a large target group – whether young or young-at-heart – VUP® is the new must-have accessory for everyone.

With the new, individual accessory VUP® you kill several birds with one stone. You can use it individually and in many ways. Everything is possible with the unisex and multifunctional fashion accessory VUP®. Wear it as a tie, plastron, scarf, belt, twilly, bow tie, foulard or handkerchief. With the Made in Italy VUP® you put the crown on every outfit. Just as you like it or whatever you feel like doing.

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"Fashion is ephemeral. Stil niemals"


"Elegance has nothing to do with fashion, but with style."

Karl Lagerfeld

"Basically, fashion only has a practical use ... It should look great."

Donatella Versace

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VUP Fashion Upcycling

Social VUP®: For all those who attach great importance to sustainability and social commitment. The VUP® design gives existing ties a revival with its unique fabric and pattern combinations. Maybe it has supposed beauty flaws, but it wears them as a trademark. Each Social VUP® is unique – and guaranteed “perfectly imperfect”.

Personal VUP®: Your one-of-a-kind keepsake made from your favorite ties that brings back great memories. We personalize them with great sensitivity to create a My VUP® or Mini VUP®.

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Miss VUP - inventor of VUP®, the tie revolution

A warm welcome to you! My name is Evelin Stefano and I want to conquer the world as the inventor of VUP®, the tie revolution.

VUP® the individual styling upgrade. VUP® is an all-in-one accessory and the tie revolution for everyone. It can bridge the gap between tie (man) and foulard (woman) in a contemporary way.

Coco Chanel freed women from their constricting clothing and I – Miss VUP® – dress men’s necks with a liberating VUP®. This individual unisex accessory is designed so that every person will have a VUP® as a must-have item.

Great things will be replaced, even greater things will come.

Bye-bye tie & foulard – hello VUP®

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Made in Italy


VUP on site


Visit the showroom to see the entire collection, the Social VUPs and the Personal VUPs. Call us for a viewing appointment no. +41 44 508 15 25

VUP® is now going on tour with the mobile showroom. We also offer VUP® with the new party format“VUP Happening“, where we visit interested parties with the entire collection at home or in the store.

VUP®, the tie revolution for everyone, is internationally protected as a trademark and design by the multi-award-winning trademark attorney Bernard Volken of the renowned law firm Troller Hitz Troller.
Interested in distribution, resale or license?
Then contact us now!

Bye bye tie and foulard – Hello VUP®

VUP Fashion AG

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